23 January 2016

Me me me!

it's been so so long never log in my blog and update some posts d.
lazy !
the main reason! ><

in these one year plus,
have been go through a lot.
it might not be a bog thing for others,  but at least it is for me.
and really im tired =(

im a superb stubborn person! (if you know me ><)
once i realize i  want something,
i'll hold on to it till it belongs to me,
even things that is impossible.
people might not understand me, might not understand the reason,
but that's me.
im growing up that way,
not sure who is the one that influenced me,
but yea, that's me.

i've been keeping a lot of secrets to myself,
which i dont even know who can i talk to.
 keeping secrets to myself really made myself feel extremely exhausted=(
but whatever it is,
im not a person that simply believe in people,
i guess that's the reason i chose to keep all into myself.
not i chose to not believe in others,
just people keep betraying me for no reasons,
that's why im really not dare to trust anyone anymore.
world is cruel isn't it xp

i'll still have family- people that really trustable,
i will choose to tell them when im really unbaerable on something that keep disturbing me for long time.
but but ..
not everyone think the same way,
people cant bare me after i told them my problems,
cause i will keep begging them for a solution even  though i dont wish ti change anything.

so conclusion, keep everything to myself , pretend im okay with it, im happy with it is the best way for me isnt it xp

yea! bring happiness to people instead of sadness is the best thing ever! =)

25 July 2014


no matter how hard i try,
pay how many effort on it,
things will never go the way i want them to.

maybe i should work harder and harder

but i'm really really tired =(

can i stop trying 
and just let it go=(

04 July 2014

forgive me =(

i'm a coward,
i'm selfish, 
i'm stingy,
i'm petty,
i'm stupid,
i'm sensitive,
i'm too emotional.

This is me。。。

please forgive me ! =(